Funding for the movie is being provided by ‘Global Entertainment Productions’, a part of the ‘Nucleus Project’.

In their own words: ‘The main goal of this company is to give people access to an industry that is normally out of reach of the average individual—the entertainment industry. It will help raise capital for the production of worthwhile projects, with the main focus being Film and TV Production but with an interest in Music and other areas of the entertainment industry also’.

‘1’ was chosen by GEP to receive its funding requirements in late 2016, with the funds covering all aspects of the film’s production including location scouting, equipment hire, insurance and permits, hiring of key crew and actors, visual effects design and all post-production tasks.

Though the funding is very generous and ensures the film will get made and completed, we are still keen to raise further funds. To that end, GEP also offers avenues for the public to donate money to the production.

To find out about donating money to ‘1’, or to learn more about GEP funding, please visit: 

Funding Options “1”