“In all things there has to be a first, and there has to be a last”

‘1’ is a funded contemporary science-fiction independent feature film drama being shot in July, 2017 in many locations across south-east Queensland. It follows the story of Darren, a man who lives for fast cars and reckless highway racing. He is addicted to the thrill of speed despite the dangers.

His adoring partner Misha comes to see that it’s time for a fresh start in their lives yet Darren’s hooning lifestyle continues to hold them back. So much so that one night he causes an accident that slightly injures Misha. She packs her bags and leaves.

Darren determines to change his ways and win her back, however greater forces appear in the form of a malevolent alien invasion, and before long humanity is on the verge of extinction.

Darren embarks on a long and dangerous journey to find Misha; to be reunited with her and to find forgiveness from her. Yet he must also learn to survive on his own in the wild, dodge the alien scout vessels that methodically search for the last vestiges of humanity, and battle his own guilt and remorse at how he treated Misha.

It is a physical, emotional and even spiritual journey as Darren becomes aware of insights into life, death and his own place in the universe. However the journey is far more difficult and dangerous than he could ever have imagined. And yet he must continue on.

‘1’ is unique in that it truly shows the very last person on earth – literally no one else is left. Films such as ‘The Quiet Earth’, ‘I Am Legend’, ‘The World The Flesh and The Devil’ all hint that they are last-person-on-earth films, yet all end up introducing other characters. ‘1’ is different.

From the action and dangerous excitement of high-speed racing to the quiet and solitude of the natural world, ‘1’ will be a profoundly moving and powerful look at life, love, destiny and being able to let go of the material world in order to find new truths.